The Resonant Bell is, in so many ways, about human rights, the horrors of war, and the atrocities committed by a heartless tyrant.

From the Author:

As I was nearing the completion of this book, war broke out one cold February evening in Europe when Ukraine was invaded. In the United States, much of the early days were covered live by various news organizations, and the many atrocities committed by the aggressors continue to receive detailed reporting.

It is difficult to not see the parallels between that war and the events described in The Resonant Bell. Indeed, this book reads in places like a memorial to the victims of that war.

For that reason, on March 6, 2022, I decided to donate 100% of the profits from sales (including Amazon, Etsy, and in-person) of The Resonant Bell to charities sending aid to Ukraine. 100% because, while posting about this project may be a marketing boost, it feels wrong to actually profit off of it, and profits because printing, shipping, and Amazon, Etsy, and credit card fees mean I don’t actually receive a sizable portion of the list price. I donate every two weeks, whenever sales occur.

The total so far is $287.89 in US dollars.

Here is a register of donations:

3/20/20223 autographed copies pre-ordered in person$45
4/3/20221 autographed copy pre-ordered via Etsy$10.59
5/15/20221 autographed copy ordered via Etsy, 5 paperbacks and 1 ebook via Amazon (Release Week)$45.63
5/29/20221 autographed copy ordered via Etsy and 2 purchased in-person, 3 paperbacks and 2 e-books$45.04
6/26/20224 autographed copies purchased in-person$34.54
9/25/20221 autographed copy purchased in-person, 568 KENP pages read$11.55
11/5/20224 autographed copies purchased in-person, 1 e-book via Amazon$38
12/31/20221 autographed copy, 2 e-books$6.83
2/12/20232 autographed copies, 1 e-book$18
3/6/20234 autographed copies, 1 paperback and 4 KENP pages via Amazon$32.71

Although I originally planned for only four months of such donations, as of February 2023, I continue to donate whatever profits I receive.

(The number on the home page is less because of the limits of the counter application I used.)

If you choose to purchase a copy of The Resonant Bell, please also spread awareness of the plight of Ukraine and think long and hard about all that you can do to champion the cause of human rights.