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The Reverence Chosen

Feminist epic fantasy that will immerse you in a world of found family, epic stakes, and a breath-taking struggle between absolute good and absolute evil

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Quick Updates:

  • The Reverence Chosen: released as of May 10, 2024! If you preordered and didn’t get a bonus, email me!
  • Book Boxes are still available to those in the US! See the Bookstore!
  • There’s a Discord server for my books! Email me for the invite!
  • I’m beginning to assemble a playlist for my books! Note: it’s religious music only, and not in English. If you want to listen to the sounds in my mind as I write, please keep that in mind. Link.
  • I’ve also restarted work on The Bell Tolling Audiobook! I’m on Chapter 9! There’s been a bit of delay, but I think I’ll have Part 1 ready in late August.


  • Half Price Books signing — May 5, 2024 — completed!
  • Dallas Fun Fair — May 12, 2024 — completed!
  • Launch Party — May 18, 2024 — completed!
  • If you have an idea, let me know!


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Review for The Bell Tolling:

“Whether you are into the fantasy genre or not, The Bell Tolling will give you all the feels. Each character is masterfully created and brought to life, all escaping their tragic lives in search of a better future.”

~ M.G.