Land of the Quests

Icilia Basics:

  • a fantasy world – not based on Earth in our reality
  • the existence of magic, both divinely gifted and born of evil
  • three languages: one from the divine, one of the Quests, and one of evil
  • a twelve-month calendar in which every month is exactly 30 days
  • vastly diverse landscape – mountains, desert, plains, and forests
  • an isolated land – there are no relations with external societies, and there is only one passage out of Icilia; there are no ocean shores
  • divergent traits of the five kinds (think fantasy races)
  • spirituality and politics dominate the cultures of all seven nations
  • athar is the most sacred of substances

Read the pages ‘The Hallowed History’ and ‘The Sacred Land’ to learn more! Contact me if there’s something else you’d like to see included within the Worldview.