Trigger Warnings

All of my books deal with serious issues, the darkness which is brightened by Divine Light. Those serious issues can be very dark and might be difficult for some people to read. So, to help ensure no one is pained while reading my books, I have listed trigger warnings for all of my books below.

The Way It Would Become

  • Direct references: war, familial abuse, matricide, patricide, racism
  • Indirect references: harm done to a child, s*xual assault, self-harm

The Bell Tolling (Book One), The Resonant Bell

  • Direct references: war, s*xual assault (including r*pe), thoughts of suicide, bullying (from adults and children directed toward a child), harm done to children, deaths of children, massacres

Although I have listed all of these terrible things, my books are NEVER graphic and NEVER explicit. Even the items directly references are described more through emotional impact than through imagery of the evils.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of some parents who have read my books, the story is PG-13 — possible for children to read depending on their maturity level. It is up to you, whether for yourself or for a child, to choose if you want to read my books.

If you require further assurance, please email me. If necessary, I can provide a list of chapters and sections to avoid.