The Hallowed History

The world of Icilia has an intricate history. Scroll to catch glimpses of it.

1 C.Q.

Founding of Icilia

Amid a period of darkness and chaos (length known), there comes the Light of the Almighty in the form of a man, the Shining Guide. He bestows civilization upon Icilia’s first ordered people, the Muthaarim.

The Prophecy of Legend

The Shining Guide departs Icilia, leaving behind his heart’s children the Muthaarim, his teachings, and a prophecy foretelling saviors in ages of strife.

c.17 C.Q.
c.90 C.Q.

The Lost Way

The last of the original Muthaarim die, leaving a wayward people little more ordered than their neighbors. They are called now the Mutharrim.


An age of war and savagery

First half of the Second Century C.Q.
160 C.Q.

Light Returns

The ascension of the first Quest – Lady Aalia the Ideal of Light, Graced Manara the Exemplar of Truth, and Honored Naret the Exemplar of Love

The Quest of Light

Aalia, Manara, and Naret spread the teachings of the Shining Guide and unify the land under the name of Icilia. Subsequently, they reign as the land’s supreme rulers.

160-210 C.Q.
301 C.Q.

The Smoke of Conjury

Conjury first appears in Icilia – an occurrence which is to be detailed, along with its consequences, in The Lord of Freedom.

Rise of the Blood-soaked Sorcerer

More than 150 years after the appearance of conjury, Icilia’s first great evil after disorder itself, the Blood-soaked Sorcerer, begins his campaign of tyranny.

468 C.Q.
499 C.Q.

The Bell Tolling

In this year hope is reborn as The Lord of Freedom begins with the gathering of the second Quest.

I will add to this timeline as more happens!