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The Lord of Freedom has stickers!

Please note that I will include one free sticker with every book purchase. This product page is for additional stickers. Please only add this item when purchasing a book or a character print to minimize shipping!

Current Stickers:

  1. A round sticker in black with a bell that states “The Lord of Freedom” and “faith, feminism, and magic” (See product image 1)
  2. A round sticker in black that states “Does the Divine truly possess the power to defeat the encroaching darkness?”
  3. A rectangular sticker in purple and black that states “discern the shadows / reveal the truth” (product image not yet available)
  4. An oval sticker with a sword that states “Riqeta” and “By the power of her will.”
  5. An oval sticker with a circlet that states “Naman” and “The monarch our people need.”
  6. A round sticker with a sewing needle that states “Honored Kyros the Exemplar of Strength” and “the strength of love.”

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General The Lord of Freedom Sticker, The Reverence Chosen Sticker, The Way It Would Become Sticker, Riqeta Sticker, Naman Sticker, Honored Kyros Sticker