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***This listing is for damaged copies only. See below in bold.***

Before the rise of the Quest of Freedom, their mothers and their fathers witnessed the darkening of the skies…

Riqeta, Princess of Zahacim, is the most powerful warrior to stalk across eastern and southern Icilia. Both her skill and her honor in war are legendary, and her defection to her new husband’s nation is an upheaval of their world’s political balance. Yet beneath her fierce veneer is a woman unsure of how to love.

Naman, Prince of Koroma, is renowned for his compassion and good heart, and his wedding to Riqeta renders him a political force to behold. Yet there is one flaw to his happiness — he cannot be sure whether Riqeta loves him.

Not long after their wedding, the king gives Riqeta and Naman a mission of dire importance: resolve the growing insurgency in the south before it poses a true threat to the crown. Riqeta’s martial prowess and Naman’s benevolent voice surely can resolve anything. So they set out, thinking success will not be too difficult to achieve.

But the evil festering in the south is unlike anything they could ever imagine… Will they even be able to see it to survive it?

Amena Jamali continues on her literary career with a sweet yet haunting new adult fantasy tale of romance, home found through love, strong heroines, and gentle heroes that ponders at what it means to have courage in the face of evil. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon will savor this story of staying strong in dark times.

*This book has been released in part through Kindle Vella. The version available through this page is complete with an author’s note, a map, and two epilogues.*

*Note: For shipping outside the United States, please contact the author directly.*

From time to time, Amena receives copies that are, for lack of a better word, damaged. Parts of the plastic coating on the spine is torn, gum sticks the first few pages together, the cover page falls out, or something else — these are not returnable every time. Or, Amena makes a mistake in autographing, the sort that can’t be worked around. These books are damaged — but still complete books with the whole of the story. For that reason, Amena sells them at a discounted rate of approximately 40%. Sort of like used books but directly from the author.

If you purchase such a copy, Amena has two stipulations: 1) They will be autographed, but only at Amena’s choice. 2) She does not make any guarantee about the exact condition of the book.

If you agree to both, get a copy!

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