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The Blood-soaked Sorcerer is the undisputed master of the land of Icilia, his tyranny crushing countless hearts to pieces, his cruelty unchecked and unconstrained… Until the rise of the Quest of Freedom, who promise salvation to a people long deprived of every glimmer of liberty.

In Amena Jamali’s The Resonant Bell, a companion anthology to The Bell Tolling (Book One) and a part of the The Lord of Freedom series, we witness how the Quest’s ascension resonates across the land, bringing light, hope, and strength to both those close to them and those far away. Through alternate perspectives on the events of The Bell Tolling and narration of events that occur elsewhere during the same span of time, Darian, Tahira, Eligeo, Ciro, Elacir, Kalyca, Kanzeo, Revera, and Rosalla each reveal a different aspect of the Quest Leader and his companions as they tell their own stories.

As the first year of the Quest passes, courage is gained, choices are made, battles are fought, and the echo of the Quest’s coming starts the first quakes that crack the terror of the Blood’s reign.

But is it enough? There are many evils that still lurk in the shadows…

Amena Jamali embarks on her literary career with a haunting new adult fantasy tale of found family, strong heroines, and gentle heroes that ponders the meaning of freedom amid a clash of absolute good and absolute evil. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon will savor this story of light springing forth from dark places.

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