The Bell Tolling (E-Book)


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The Blood-soaked Sorcerer tyrannizes the land of Icilia with every form of cruelty imaginable, dying his armor red in the blood of innocents. Crushed to pieces under such savagery, the people of Icilia abandon hope and begin to forget the gifts of civilization that had once been their dearest blessings.

In Amena Jamali’s The Bell Tolling, Book One of the The Lord of Freedom series, we meet Lucian, the divinely-appointed hero of Icilia and Leader of the Quest of Freedom. Educated in all of the ancient arts, Lucian has the virtue and power necessary to cleanse evil from the land. But not alone—answering the call of his sacred destiny, Lucian gathers his four divinely-chosen companions and embarks on a journey to free his world. He is determined to restore the forgotten laws, heal the tormented, and unite the land behind his banner.

But how can it be possible for him to succeed? His companions seem too shattered to save anyone, while his people might be too blind to see the light…

Amena Jamali embarks on her literary career with a haunting new adult fantasy tale of found family, strong heroines, and gentle heroes that ponders the meaning of freedom amid a clash of absolute good and absolute evil. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon will savor this story of light springing forth from dark places.