The Reverence Chosen (E-Book)


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With the reconquest of the nation of Nademan, some light has returned to the world of Icilia. The Quest of Freedom has been victorious in the first part of their war against the Blood-soaked Sorcerer, and now they look to the second.

But just as Lucian, Malika, Elian, Arista, and Kyros finally finish their preparations, a scream echoes through the night. A sign that the protections around Icilia’s most sacred places, the athar mountains of Asfiya, are breaking. And soon after arrives the news that the Blood-soaked Sorcerer is coming — with an army vast enough to blacken the plains.

Rushing west, the Quest finds a nation on the brink of madness. The hallowed cities are too filthy to endure, and the people they have come to save are more than lost — they are cruel themselves. Yet the Quest must save them — all of them — before the enemy reaches Asfiya. For, if they fail in the least degree, the cost will be in the currency of souls.

With such high stakes and such little time, they cannot escape the question: Does even the Divine truly possess the power to defeat the encroaching darkness?

Amena Jamali continues on her literary career with a haunting new adult fantasy tale of found family, strong heroines, and gentle heroes that ponders the meaning of human dignity amid a clash of absolute good and absolute evil. Fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Eragon will savor this story of redemption, mercy, and hope in the darkest of times.